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Bullrushsoft SWF to ScreenSaver is a smart and easy-to-use wizard-like tool that converts the flash
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4 February 2010

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Feeling bored of your current screensaver and yet to find some fantastic new screensavers for your PC? How about creating some of the screensavers on your own? Well, for carrying out this task you just have to gather all your favorite downloaded or created swf flash files and simply convert them to screensaver (.scr) files. However, you needn’t go through any long processes or get into complex technicalities, as you simply have to assign this task to a competent utility. One such tool that you may prefer using is BullrushSoft SWF to ScreenSaver 1.1 that functions skillfully to convert your SWF flash files into SCR screensaver files. The wizard-driven interface of the program makes it easier to perform the screensaver creation task. While novice users can create fantastic screensavers, the flash developers can use this application for protecting copyrights of their SWF movies, and even can transform their SWF presentations or projects to single window’s ScreenSaver.

The wizard-driven GUI of the BullrushSoft SWF to ScreenSaver provides the welcome screen detailing the program info and quick guidance of the further steps. Pressing ‘Next’, the wizard would take you to the first step prompting you to enter a Project name, and then click ‘Next’ for moving to further step. The second step comes for the developers allowing them to mention the file version, description, company, product name, product version, copyright, trademarks, and comments. Filling these, you’ve to move to third step for selecting the SWF main file through Browser option, and also the program here gives you the options to add subsidiary files for including the screensaver file using Add option. Finally, when you reach the fourth step the last selections include defining Output Folder and Output filename. Immediately after this, click Next and the conversion process would take place, on completion of which you can Open Output Folder to check the file.

With the BullrushSoft SWF to ScreenSaver 1.1 you can expertly convert your favorite SWF flash files into screensaver files. The program deserves a score of 3.5 rating points as it sports a convenient and reliable feature-set along while offering notable performance in generating quality output.

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Bullrushsoft SWF to ScreenSaver is a smart and easy-to-use wizard-like tool that converts the flash files to the standard windows ScreenSaver file.
BullrushSoft SWF to ScreenSaver
BullrushSoft SWF to ScreenSaver
Version v1.4
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Tom Thorsen
For a while I noticed that this software, v1.1, and v1.2 is not perfect, the latest v1.3 exciting, yes, I have just purchased a license
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